Friday, May 15, 2009

Jamboree 2009

This is the wonderful committee for the Southern California Genealogy Jamboree! You can learn a lot about these folks and their committee assignments by looking at this drawing up close....

Speaking of the Jamboree, if you're a genealogy buff, you won't want to miss this. It takes place June 26-June28 in Burbank, California. Good luck to the Jamboree Committee!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Julene and the Gang

This is me . . . and my brood - all grown up.

Tyler - the artist / chef.

Whitney - Green Tea seller / kitty lover

Me - the Mom / Dysfunctional Artist

Justin - student / new husband

Ellen - teacher / new member of the fam

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Family Fun with the Days

This is my family portrait! Look real close and you'll learn a little something about everybody in my family...

David's a fisherman. My mom swears he's never caught anything. I guess she forgot about that fish she kept on ice in the freezer for YEARS!

Then Me. I guess I was playing it safe and telling you NOTHING about myself.

Mom writes her personal history on a daily basis........volumes and volumes. She's even published to beautiful family history books about her ancestors.

Dad. Dad loves office supplies. He always has more pens in his pocket than he could ever need.

Diana loved making miniatures and worked for an insurance company for 25 years.

Janaye has 5 cats. She feeds them from her stoneware with a silver spoon. She also takes piano lessons.

Kent. The lucky guy is an empty nester. I hope he takes me on his next trip!

Mom and Daughter - Best Friends Forever!

A portrait like this is a perfect gift for a Mom or a daughter.

My daughter loved it because she told me what she wanted to have in our Mom and Daughter portrait. Our favorite thing to say when we recall fun memories together is: "One time Whitney and I...."

A Night Out With the Gals

Isn't this Enrichment Night portrait fun? It would be great to put on an invitation!

You could use something like this for your Garden Club, Book Group, Genealogy Society, or any group you're a part of. I used this drawing as the cover for my Relief Society binder.

Get Me Outta Here!

The mom that asked me to draw this picture has a real sense of humor.

Her son was taken to jail. She decided she wanted a special way to remind him, "NEVER DO THAT AGAIN!"

On the Job

I used to work with this fun group. You'll learn a lot about these friends of mine by taking an up close look.

Really. Take a close up look. You'll laugh even if you don't know them.

For instance, there's Jim. Jim worked in Provo and lived in St. George. That's some commute! He was transferred to work out of his home, so he was very happy. He has on ruby red slippers...there's no place like home!

Next is Vikki. She was put in as a supervisor and found out it wasn't that easy. She also was looking forward to her kids leaving the nest.

Then comes Denise. She has worked there since she was 19 and can't escape. She is eager to retire.

The next one is me. I was the receptionist. I never answered the phone once I got home at night.

The next is Heather who was gone for a while having her first little girl.

Keith was in sales. He won that plate giving a speech. He really wanted first. Heather was his assistant and he really missed her.

Jolyn was a cute little tiny thing. When people would call for her, they would ask for the little girl. We had a Christmas Party and her white elephant was a lunch lady.

The next is Deedra. She lives in Payson and would come into the office in Provo twice a week.

John was transferred down from the Salt Lake office. He was awesome, but a little overwhelmed with all the new groups he had to take care of.

Last is Barbara. She loved her A&W root beer and stopped at Maverick every morning for a hot chocolate. She had a full nest at her house.

Kids 'n' their Toys

This is my first family portrait.

Justin, the oldest, is a super reader.

Whitney has a cat and she'll hate me for this but a blanket.

Tyler, the middle child, loved to skateboard.

And of course me.

Cat Psychology

This is my friend, Deedra, and her husband, Ed.

They live in a cabin. Every stray cat knows where they can get a good meal and maybe stay for a while. Ed works for the Fire Department.

Paranoid Paul

Remember Y2K?

This was drawn for a man who was paranoid when those strange days came along like 1/1/2000. He was really worried that something horrible would happen.

He took his girls shopping at Costco, and they were so embarrassed because he bought them out of Top Ramen.