Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Family Fun with the Days

This is my family portrait! Look real close and you'll learn a little something about everybody in my family...

David's a fisherman. My mom swears he's never caught anything. I guess she forgot about that fish she kept on ice in the freezer for YEARS!

Then Me. I guess I was playing it safe and telling you NOTHING about myself.

Mom writes her personal history on a daily basis........volumes and volumes. She's even published to beautiful family history books about her ancestors.

Dad. Dad loves office supplies. He always has more pens in his pocket than he could ever need.

Diana loved making miniatures and worked for an insurance company for 25 years.

Janaye has 5 cats. She feeds them from her stoneware with a silver spoon. She also takes piano lessons.

Kent. The lucky guy is an empty nester. I hope he takes me on his next trip!


  1. I didn't know you had a blog! I love it! You are so talented! I love your drawings!

  2. Your talent shows through on each of your drawings. I am sure the recipients are very pleased with their purchase.

  3. Your drawings are wonderful! This family portrait is similar to what mine would be like. I'd be the one with the Family History book, Dad would be loaded down with office supplies. He has more scotch tape dispensers, paperclips, pencils, and accounting tablets than an office supply store. Does your mom write a blog? I'd love to read it.
    Becky Jamison